Begin Enrollment : 

  • 1) TOUR: Call 682-936-4112 to schedule a tour. Meet with a Director and decide on the next step.
  • 2) APPLY: Submit an Application and all other required forms to begin the enrollment process.
  • 3) STUDENT VISIT: Prospective students visit a classroom, and meet with a clinician for brief assessment.
  • 4) ENROLLMENT DECISION: The team will prepare an initial individualized program proposal for your student with a formal estimate of expected costs for the school year. (Professional Fees for 1:1 high-support needs, direct 1:1 therapy, or intensive 1:1 support services may not be included in the base tuition).
  • 5) DONE!  When the steps are completed and financial arrangements are agreed the formal enrollment process is completed and your student will be added to a classroom roster! 


  1. You may Print and complete an application to bring with you to your initial visit.
  2. The Application along with any educational and/or psychological records are reviewed to ensure we can meet the student's needs and the adult's goals.
  3. Enrollment decisions are made only after the prospective student visits the school. 
  4. The Team at Lake Pointe Academy is happy to welcome you to our family, where we work together, form a bond, and strive towards each child's success.
  5. If we can't serve you for whatever reason, we are committed to helping you find the services/program that could better accommodate your child's needs.

Students who struggle with academic, social, communication, or emotional difficulties that are rooted in neurodevelopmental learning differences, thrive in our school.

TO SCHEDULE A TOUR:  682-936-4112 or  email


Lake Pointe Academy's Unique school program places an emphasis on:

> Social Thinking & Communication

> Emotional & Behavior Regulation

> Strengthening the brain to become "available for learning"

> Integrating the Neuroscience of teaching & learning, along with best practice for supporting learning differences.




Students are not required to have a "label" to enroll or benefit from our program. For more information on common learning differences click on the following links to be re-directed. If any of theses sounds like your child, get started early in getting the help you need for greater success in life long learning:


Summer Session -  Summer Camps are filled with fun hands on learning activities. Our Summer Program is the 2nd through the last week of June, Monday - Thursday, 9:00am to 2:00pm. LPA enrolled students are automatically enrolled at no additional charge. High school students can complete credit recovery. Our summer program will have limited number of registrations open for home school and non-LPA enrolled students. For more information contact our admissions office at 682-936-4112 or email