Our goal is your child's mastery of the academic, social, and emotional skills they will need to learn, grow and their fullest potential.

Our comprehensive program places emphasis on integrating:

  •  Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Pivotal Response Training, Positive Behavior Support, Person Centered 
  • Social Thinking, Emotional & Character Development
  • Self-paced and Mastery academics
  • Multi-sensory learning opportunities
  • Individual and small group instruction
  • A peaceful and calm environment 
  • Accredited NeuroNet Learning Classroom Enrichment® - we are the only program in the State of Texas offering this unique evidence based integrated learning program.

Lake Pointe Academy implements

NeuroNet Learning® 

Learning through Movement and Making connections between motor skills and learning to support development in:

  • A a motivation to learn
  • Eye-movement coordination
  • Oral language & listening skills
  • Phonemic awareness, fluency, expression, accuracy and confidence
  • Extended reading vocabulary
  • Math, spatial and numerical reasoning skills
  • Handwriting skills


We include many field-trips and extra-curricular activities that correspond with our students' special interests including  theatre arts, yoga, cooking, gardening, & STEM activities for further learning. more>>

Our Program is designed to build upon each student's individual learning style, personal strengths and develop skills in the areas of:

  • Executive Function
  • Sensory Difficulties
  • Social Skills & Relationship Development
  • Academics: Reading, Writing, Listening and Math
  • Communication/Language Development
  • Emotional & Behavioral Regulation
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Help Skills
  • Organization & Critical Thinking Skills
  • Transition & Generalization of Skills

INdividualized Success Plan

ALL student programs are guided by an I.S.P:

  • a variety of functional assessments, formal/informal measurements, and goals with forward thinking through the developmental stages to  towards life after high-school.
  • specific goals in each of the nine domains of development outlined by the Comprehensive Transition Education Model (CTEM): Communication and Academic Performance; Self-determination; Interpersonal relationships; Integrated Community participation; Health and fitness; Independent/interdependent living; Leisure and recreation; Employment; and Further education and training.  
  • The ISP will also address and support the Student/Family Spiritual preferences as part of reaching the "whole child". 

Staff & Consultants are Certified and Licensed professionals:

  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Certified Education Specialist
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Certified NeuroNet Therapist (the first in the State of Texas!)
  • Certified Special Education Teachers & General Education Teachers
  • Masters Level Social Worker/Counselor
  • Board Certified Music Therapist 
  • Multi-disciplinary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Consultants





ALL classes implement differentiated, direct explicit teaching strategies, integrating corrective curriculums in Reading, Writing, Listening, Math, Science and Social Studies. Our environment is structured so students know what to expect.  This reduces anxiety to facilitate the development of an "available learner".  

ALL classes continuously assess and integrate social skills, effective communication, citizenship, fine and gross motor skills, self-regulation, mindfulness and self-advocacy for developing a strong educational foundation. This ensures a sense of self-worth, success and purpose throughout each day.

The  development of metacognitive, social & communication skills along with academic growth is our goal.