Thank you for your interest in Lake Pointe Academy. We are grateful for the blessings that have allowed us to grow from enrolling our first 2 students in January of 2013, to a capacity of 30 students!   We appreciate the trust and confidence from our first few families and community supporters who have made this all possible!

Lake Pointe Academy is a unique non-profit private/non-public 'therapeutic school'. Private/Non-public means we do not receive any Federal, State, or governmental funding.  Not-for-profit means any funds after expenses are restricted to benefit only the organization. There are no investors or financial beneficiaries other than the school itself.  The school's budget is funded primarily through tuition. Unfortunately, tuition does not cover all of the costs involved in operating a therapeutic level school. "Therapeutic" means our program is both prescriptive and corrective in meeting your child's individualized education needs.  Our strategies target and incorporate researched and evidence-based strategies to intentionally and systematically improve or remove barriers to student progress and success.  

Our program is unique because it is comprehensive, meaning it addresses the "whole child" from a developmental perspective. We are purposeful about establishing a sensory-sensitive environment through soft lighting and sound absorbing boards in classrooms. Through combining approaches from Neuroscience of teaching and learning, Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech & Language, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, we are able to focus specifically on the Social, Communication, Emotional Regulation, Vocational and life skills, as well as TEKS aligned Academic needs of each student.  Goals and interventions are based on individualized plans and data that is reviewed with parents/guardians at the end of each grading period. Our NeuroNet-Learning in Motion program is part of every student's routine daily schedule and it works to strengthen fine and gross motor development, vision and auditory processing, working memory, numeracy, reading, and writing skills by building stronger neural pathways in the brain, so your child's brain is "available for learning".

Genuine Therapeutic schools are hard to find and generally charge anywhere between $16,000 - $40,000 a year in tuition. Our goal is to keep our tuition as affordable as possible. Fundraising is critical and certainly a priority as we continue to press forward striving to provide scholarship assistance to qualifying families. Because our curriculum focus is prescriptive and corrective, our tuition and fees might be deductible as a medical expense under the IRS Code 502 for Medical Expenses for Special Education. Talk to your accountant however, regarding your specifics.  We are happy to assist you with further information and documentation as needed.

As a young school, we continue to grow and develop our programs, networks, and Faculty.  The development of Lake Pointe Academy is guided by policies and procedures that are consistent with Texas private school accreditation standards, as well as minimum standards established by national, state and local educational institutions. As funds are available, we plan to become fully accredited. We take educating and shaping your children for their future very seriously, and are deeply committed to this mission.

Remaining privately funded is very important so that we can keep our focus on our Mission without the waste of time and funds on "red tape". Our deepest desire is to serve the student and family while individualizing the education and therapeutic plan in line with the student and family goals and interests. We provide an intimate environment where the faculty and staff are committed to helping you develop the understanding and tools you will need to ensure your child's continued success.  Our goals include your peace of mind during the day while your child is at school, and challenging  your student in developing skills that are needed for life long success. This is determined by the student’s needs, your goals, and outside professional's recommendations when appropriate. We are part of YOUR team!

From inception, it has always been the mission of Lake Pointe Academy to make your child’s private special education accessible within our community, to support parents and families looking for a unique and exceptionally individualized alternative, so you really can have a choice for your child's education. Additionally, it is our purpose to provide a high standard of excellence and comprehensive programming in addressing the "Hidden Curriculum" that so many students with social and anxiety difficulties are simply missing in traditional school environments. 

Thank you again for your interest. Please contact us to schedule a tour. We're currently enrolling for the upcoming School Year! Because we maintain a 1:6 staff to student ratio, some of our classrooms may already be full.  However, we will begin a wait list when necessary. Our current parents are our best references and they'd love to tell you about the difference Lake Pointe Academy has made in their quality of life and their child's potential for happiness, growth and success at school.  We look forward to the opportunity to get acquainted and learn how we can help you in your not-so-neuro-typical journey! 


Madalyn Cano, MSSW, LMSW    Founder/President                      817-937-4332

Susan Miller, MS, CCC/SLP         Co-founder/Executive Director  682-936-4112