Where your child's uniqueness is embraced and strengths are discovered...a learning environment where the non-typical learner can develop a new direction towards life-long success!



     At Lake Pointe Academy we understand that every student learns in different ways. We believe each student has the ability to learn skills needed towards personal achievement and should be encouraged to reach their fullest potential. We believe this occurs when the environment and curriculum is individually suited to their unique learning needs and builit upon each students individual strengths. This commitment is the foundation in our approach and development of our program

     Lake Pointe Academy's full-time academic program functions within a therapeutic environment. The majority of the students have experienced difficulties thriving in previous academic environments and attend LPA for the therapeutic support and environment that allows them to regain their footing in education.

     Lake Pointe Academy provides students with confidential, non-stigmatizing support both on a regular and as-needed basis.  An experienced team of teachers and counsellors ensure a learning environment with positive social interactions concurrent with academic support. 

     Some LPA students have diagnoses of high-functioning autism, a range of learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, ADHD as well as social anxieties that have been the root of academic struggle and inability to thrive.  Lake Pointe Academy's aim is to support the psychosocial needs of the students in addition to their educational needs. In the therapeutic program we use tools such as Social thinking, Cognitive Based Therapy, yoga, music and expressive arts to enhance creativity and develop a sense of enjoyment in learning.

    Our goal is to provide a haven where students feel comfortable enough to be themselves and where their educational and emotional needs are met. During the enrollment process, a clinician will interview the student and family and require prior assessments to determine an appropriate program of study and treatment.