Full Diagnostic and Educational Testing is available on site at Lake Pointe Resource Center, in Granbury, TX. through 

The Learning Center of North Texas!!! 

View the TLCNT website for full details on testing and educational planning services available.  

For scheduling submit your information on our "Contact us" form, or by contacting TLCNT directly at: http://www.tlcnt.org/contact-us.html .  In most cases evaluation appointments can be scheduled within 30-60 days and on Saturdays for your convenience. Once your inquiry is received, you will be contacted by phone to complete the process.

Q:     Whats the difference between public school evaluations and private evaluations?

A:      A free educational evaluation is available by request to your local school district's Child Find coordinator in the Special Education Department.  We recommend that requests be made in writing. The difference between public school testing and private testing may best be explained as follows:

- Public School testing is performed to determine if there is an eligibility or educational need.  Certain criteria is often met for special education or related services.  A Public School is not required to accept outside diagnosis or evaluations; a "diagnosis" does not guarantee special education services.  For more information, visit your state's public education website.  For Texas residents,  the public school education information is available at TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ .

To learn more about your child's rights or how to become an advocate for your child's educational needs, try WRIGHT'S LAW http://www.wrightslaw.com/  or for N. Texas:  Education Service Center Region XI

- Private Evaluations may be more in depth and comprehensive to consider all aspects of learning challenges and are not driven by certain sets of "criteria" to determine eligibility for public education program services.  

For more information or help with accessing resources,  submit your request through CONTACT US.