Lake Pointe Academy

a not-for-profit



highly Specialized


students ages 5 thru grade 12.

 Inspired to be a resource for concerned parents, Lake Pointe Academy exists to support families who want an exceptional and unique alternative for their children with mild-to-moderate academic, social and behavioral learning differences. 


Through our therapeutic approach to learning we combine a broad range of evidenced-based practice in academic, social, behavioral and language development. We integrate a calm, nurturing environment, predictable daily routine and an Individualized Success Plan that builds upon the student’s strengths. In this way we are developing a “road map” towards achieving life long success! 

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We believe every student has the potential for greatness when opportunities for learning are provided in a way that emphasizes strengths and celebrates their complex learning styles. We embrace the uniqueness of every student and his/her potential for personal success. Our program is designed for the student challenged with attention, sensory, social, communication, and/or behavioral differences.

A peek into a day a Lake Pointe Academy!! Academics, Social, Emotional & Behavioral development. Not just another private school. Specializing in the Hidden Curriculum. Encouraging Potential. Navigating Success! See the difference for yourself.  (Light Up the Blues Gala 2015)

At Lake Pointe Academy we understand that every student learns in different ways. We believe each student has the ability to learn skills needed towards personal achievement... more>>

Our Program is designed to build upon each student's individual strengths and minimize challenges in the areas... more>>

Lake Pointe Academy is a non-categorical therapeutic school designed for students with academic, social, communication and behavioral needs. We are currently enrolling students ages 6 through grade 10 ... more>>